ABH Quiet Hospital Latch: Changing the Lives of Patients – by Michael Robinson

Architectural Builders Hardware (ABH) has developed an innovation in door hardware that benefits hospitals and patients. Any of us who have experienced a hospital stay know the misery of being awakened after finally falling to sleep. The extremely loud annoying noise of the latch on the patient door being retracted and then latching is disruptive to a patient’s rest and recovery.

ABH has developed a solution that provides a healthy recovery environment. The new 6800Q quiet latch is a revolutionary product eliminating the noise of the latching system.

Not only does this product create a healthy restful recovery environment for the patient, it also allows hospitals to gain incentives under the HCAHPS. The incentive programs setup through HCAHPS centers around improving quality care for the patients.

ABH can also incorporate their Copper and Nickel Anti-Microbial, which is a process in manufacturing the product that is not a coating, but built into the actual finish of the product. This process is not the typical industry Anti-Microbial which is designed to protect the hardware, this process is designed to kill and prevent the spread of infections of patients in the hospital. ABH is on the forefront of this innovated process.

ABH can combine the quiet latch and Copper Nickel Anti-Microbial process with all of their quiet latch applications including Anti-Ligature product. The Anti-Ligature product is designed to help deter a patient from harming or killing themselves.

In addition to the above products, ABH also can incorporate designs on their hardware. A great place for these products are in children hospitals or rooms for children. A great example can be seen on ABH’s website. They show animals on the latch.

ABH products are American Made. The factory is located in the Chicago Suburbs. ABH differentiates themselves by being leaders of designing products that make the customer’s life better. Keeping the patient comfortable and healthy, but at the same time protecting their life safety and security.


Written by Michael Robinson

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