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Re-evaluating our time in 2015

This is my first attempt at writing a blog and it is our company’s first official blog!  Here goes jumping from the shore into the water.

What do the rich and poor, the old and the young, the weak and the powerful, the kings and servants all have in common?

The answer is time!

What makes people who they are and different from each other is how people use their time.

My challenge to our team and to myself is: “let’s re-evaluate our time in 2015 and develop a lifestyle that maximizes our time.”

This applies to personal life and work.  Time ticks away the same for every person.  We need to find the best use of our time to make us who we are and achieve our destiny.

Time is a gift.  One day we will look back on our life and wonder where all the time went to.  We can never get it back.

Our leadership is challenging our team to develop a new time management program to allow them to be more productive at work.  In addition, we are hoping they mirror this program in their personal life and make it a lifestyle change.

Our goal is to also help our team grow personally and professionally.  This is what makes many small businesses and us different from corporations.  We want our employees to feel like it is their business and more like being a part of a family than a daily job grind.

We want to enable, develop, and empower our employees to succeed.   We want them to start their own businesses, and we help mentor them to do so.  Of course, we don’t want them competing with us, so we help them work either within our group as a partner or in conjunction with our organization.  Not everybody wants to or is capable of owning their own business, but those who have that drive should not be discouraged.

If you enable, develop, and empower your employees, they will help you grow your business and win against your competition.

This brings me back to time.  When you are helping to improve your team’s life, they in turn will work very hard for you.  They will understand the importance of time not only during their work day, but throughout their life.