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Slide background Life Safety Hardware Consultants Providing customers with uncompromised support,
whether we are writing specifications or consulting
on a project.
Providing customers with the best solutions for their
life safety, security and building product needs.
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Life Safety Hardware Consultants

Specializing in Life Safety & Door Hardware Security

"Provide our customers with the best performance and service in the industry without compromising integrity. Always work as a partner with our customers to provide both parties with a winning outcome. As a leader, we shepherd our employees toward a successful career while inspiring each of them to lead a fulfilling life. We want our footprint in the business world and industry to be one that shines a positive light on us not only in sales, but as people."


Our Clients

We are here to help! Our support staff throughout central United States can work directly with architects, engineers and owners in developing your new construction and remodeling projects. Call us today.

What We Do

Life Safety Hardware Consultants represent several different manufacturers within the door hardware and complementary building products industries.

Our Support

Life Safety Hardware Consultants has staff that can support architects, engineers and owners with preparation of construction documents for both new and retrofit projects. We gladly provide this service at no charge to your firm.